is it true you turn into something other than what I’ve known? is it true you become something new?

is it true you’ll never be the same again? is it true you’ll become something beautiful?

is it true you’ll forget the filth you leave behind? is it true? does everyone get to become new?

i smell it in the air. Springtime holds Life’s magic energy. i feel it on my skin. the cool breeze mixing with a gentle sun.

i hear it in your voice. you only sound like that when in love.

it is true. everything can begin anew.

will i recognize the me that i become? will i ever be as beautiful as you?

will i play out there in the sun again? will i know to breathe the air?

i feel it in the shadows surrounding rays of light. change is something fearful.

i hear it in the whimper of some disappointed bird. i taste it on the tip of my tongue.

it is true. i do not know what i will become.

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