Have you ever felt a sudden swoon of warmth and affection and immediately professed your love and affection to someone? You know, sometimes it’s so hard to feel the affection you’ve felt before for a spouse, child, or loved one. Sometimes affection seems so easy and close at hand. Others, it’s a distant memory you try to reinstitute through ritual or practice.

Since I started monitoring and measuring my body more closely for health reasons, I’ve learned quite a few lessons about myself – some of which aren’t so flattering. For example, a great number of the times I’ve spoken with the greatest affection are the times when my blood sugar has spiked and the warmth of a soda or coffee or bag of French fries has triggered feel-good hormones in my system.

It’s like being drunk and proposing to a stranger (which I may or may not have done once as a teenager). You sound and feel so sincere, yet you are really just putting words to all the feel-good flowing through your body at that moment. The affection in no way reflects the relationship you actually have with that person, if indeed you even know their name.

So is it love or is it blood sugar? It’s a fun question to ask. Now that you’ve read it, I’m guessing you’ll be more aware of your own mood shifts and ask yourself whether the feelings you’re having are based in actual love or in sugar-related chemical release.

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