From ABC’s video player to CBS’ Innertube, the major networks have done away with most people’s need for TiVo. Go to or any of the other television network websites and you will find a media player allowing you to watch this season’s episodes of your favorite shows. Miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Catch up on back episodes online. Don’t mess with programming a digital recorder or VCR.

Why worry about it when the network provides the shows for free? I never get to watch NCIS any more. NCIS comes on at the same time as Standoff on FOX. I watch Standoff because my wife prefers it. Now I don’t have to miss my shows again. I can catch up on NCIS on lazy weekends. I might even start watching back episodes of Jericho, though it doesn’t interest me enough to watch during the week. I like the convenience of it. There are times when the Library is closed and I want to watch a movie or show.

The library has become a valuable Blockbuster-esque resource. You’d be amazed at how many recent DVDs I can get ahold of for free. Still, as I said, the library has business hours that don’t always fit my schedule. Now it doesn’t have to matter. I can go online and catch up on my shows or start watching a new show from the first episode of the season. Pathetic, I know, to care so much about television. It’s all rot in the end, I suppose. But it is entertaining.

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