If there’s one true thing that can be said about my digital footprint, it’s that the trail looks like a zombie apocalypse. The dead blogs are redirecting and the undead (abandoned blogs) are traipsing around the interwebs nonchalantly, occasionally chancing upon live prey.

My current living (not undead) project is ASelfObserved.com. Stop by and say hi. I love getting feedback on my questions and ideas.

I’ve been inspired by Seth Godin, who among other semi-mention-worthy achievements (like authoring best-selling books and being one of the most in-demand public speakers), Seth has been blogging every single day for eleven years. ELEVEN!

I’m jealous, honestly, because I had the same opportunity to consistently put out content, and I didn’t. So to that end, I have pulled up my bootstraps and taken on a new challenge to publish something every single day.

They’ll be easy to read and easily digestible posts that you can carry with you throughout the day, mulling over in your subconscious. Perhaps one or two will ring a bell of clarity that makes a difference for your life. If not, maybe they’ll at least be funny.

Stop by and check out a few of my posts:

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