For months, Heather had trouble getting to sleep. It was all my fault, of course. I was the one who, amidst a horrible Robert Jordan obsession, insisted on reading well past the time Heather was ready to sleep. The light from my lamp was always keeping her awake, so I had to either turn off the light and try to sleep prematurely or leave the room in order to continue my story. We’re the type of couple who rarely spends money on frivolous things. Who am I kidding? Sometimes we don’t even spend money on what others would consider necessities. In this case, it took us at least six months if not a year of inconvenience before I broke down and took Heather to Bed, Bath & Beyond. There I found an adorable sleep mask (pictured above) for her. Problem solved. Now I can read as late as I want to and she can sleep as soon as she wants to. If only they made something better for tuning out my snoring. Ear plugs apparently fall miserably short.Â

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