Put your brand on my car!

As if there weren’t enough places to feel bombarded by advertising, I’m looking into an oldie but goodie. Car Wraps! That’s right. I am offering myself (my car, really) up for advertising opportunities.

I filled out a registration form and questionnaire on FreeCarMedia.com in hopes of either A) getting paid monthly to drive my car wrapped in advertisey goodness or B) receive a free car to drive for a specific promotional period.

I’ll be the first person to tell you I think billboards are hideous. Wish we could rip ’em all down and go back to having trees lining our freeways like they do in Connecticut and Massachusetts. But when it comes to making money and promoting a brand that I can agree with, I’m all in.

So if you’re out there, looking for someone to drive your advertisement around town, here I am.

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