Mommypotamus and I were watching a cute little romantic comedy called Leap Year a while back, and it inspired me to blog. If you get a chance to watch it, do. Everyone needs a sappy love story about an obnoxious, controlling woman from time to time. But that’s not why I’m here writing.

Without setting up too much of the story, this swarthy foreign Irish guy asks the obnoxious, controlling woman a simple question – one she cannot answer:

“If your house was on fire and you had 60 seconds to leave, what would you take with you?”

It’s a fascinating question because you can learn so much about a person based on their answer. Some people would go for the safe. The jewelry. Or the cat. Possibly the photo albums. Maybe the painting on the wall?

First of all, let me say that no possession is so important to me that I would risk my life to save it. These top four things are what I would grab first if I could without risking myself or my family.

1. Journals

Without hesitation, I know my answer. Assuming my wife and children are already safe (they’re the obvious firsts, but we’re talking non-people here), I’d throw my journals in a bag and head for the door.

I own 20 journals that record the progress of my thoughts over the past 14 or so years. They’re my prized possessions. They’re the history of my adult life, and I intend to pass them down to my children when I’m gone.

2. Laptop

If my laptop and external hard drive were nearby, I’d throw it them too. It’s more of a convenience thing than anything. I have important information stored elsewhere. But it’s just easiest to keep up with life when I have my laptop with me. I have logo versions, blog backups, and my music collection. But as much as I love music, that’s a small thing compared to what’s irreplaceable.

3. External Hard Drive

If I actually thought about it, I’d grab the external hard drive second. But I’d forget about it in case of an emergency. On that hard drive are photos and videos of Katie as a baby up to the present day. Priceless memories.

4. Wife’s Laptop

My wife takes TONS of quality photos of our kids with her fancy camera. The camera can be replaces, but hundreds of photos still sit on her hard drive. I’d rescue her laptop because it’s probably the only place most of those photos exist. And hey, I might get some points for being her hero. Score!

What about you? What would you save first?

2 responses to “If Your House Was On Fire, What Would You Take With You?”

  1. Kids/family/pets are safe?

    Then I’d grab the fireproof safe (it may say fireproof but I’d want to keep it in tact), my cell phone, my husband’s cell phone and my daughter’s favorite lamb to give her a security item. The phone’s are simply to save time contacting people to find resources!

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