Icarus: On Ice Now Playing at The Hub Theater in Dallas

There’s a new show in town. Loosely based on the 2004 Ground Zero suicide of Andrew Veal, “Icarus: On Ice” is the story of a failed vegan who is placed under house arrest in his downtown New York City apartment. There, with his girlfriend and slacker best-friend, he must reconcile his idealism with the realities of mortality.

Now playing at The Hub Theater

2809 Canton Street, Dallas, Tx 75226. This is in the heart of Deep Ellum. For directions via phone, call 214-749-7010 ext. 3.

I was offered the chance to review this performance on opening night, but my newly impregnated wife calls for a change in available hours. Still, for those of you able to make it out to Dallas, check out the performance and shoot me an email or a blog comment with your review.

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  1. Sorry, babe. Didn’t quite know how to write that… I’m sure I’ll perfect the art of writing about pregnancy as we go along.

    You know I love ya.

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