Question: How much do I hate my Motorola CLIQ?

Answer: Enough to write this post.

In the age of two year service commitments for decent phone pricing, let me caution you to be absolutely certain which phone you want to purchase before you commit. In my case, I chose the first Android phone Motorola has ever made. Mistake #1. Never spend significant amounts of money on a Gen1 device. They will always be improved and/or exposed. In my case, Gen4 of the iPhone is the perfect example. Everything I want a smartphone to do (except have a physical keyboard, ARGH!) is accomplished through what will soon be announced as the fourth generation iPhone. I don’t personally need widgets, though I wouldn’t mind if Apple gets that part right next year.

As for the CLIQ, it’s not so much a hardware issue as a software issue. I place the blame squarely upon Motorola’s MotoBlur software. Seriously, it’s a P.O.S. If they’d not tried to get cute and instead just made it an Android phone without added bells and whistles, I’d A) have a phone that, like the Droid, could have been updated to 2.1 six months ago and B) have a phone that doesn’t randomly just turn off. Yeah. It turns off. Super awesome.

Lesson learned: Wait for a gadget’s reliability to be established. Or spend the BIG money to get the phone without contract so you can sell it on Craigslist and bounce to another carrier if and when you find you’re unsatisfied.

Take it from me. This pony ain’t worth the ride.

5 responses to “How Much Do I Hate My CLIQ?”

  1. I think you can update it to 2.1 using user-created ROMs. Supposedly it is not a big deal, you just lose moto-blur, which you dislike anyway.

    • The user-created ROMs for the CLIQ have taken longer to arrive than those for many other Android phones. The latest and best one I’ve seen still has a dozen functions it can’t incorporate, thus rendering entire sections of features useless. I’ll have to wait for 2.1 when it’s released by July… but even then, I’ll be looking for a chance to sell it on Craigslist.

  2. so i’m on the 5th moto cliq holding out for the 6th to arrive.. Sad and i need to say i’m extremely disappointed with the replacements ive been recently getting, keyboards not lighting up, the display cracking , turning off unexpectedly, being extreamly warm whenever charging..etc.. ive just had the worst luck with this phone.. they presented me the new dash and the new blackberry.. but i really like the overall flexibility of this phone so significantly that im trying to look past it.. i just want to know if anyone else is having these problems with replacements.. or just in general.

  3. Motorola readies it’s successor: Cliq 2 with Android 2.2 froyo and faster processor. But I still don’t like the keyboard design. Just like a toy.

  4. I also bought this phone when it first came out and have had al these issues. Can’t wait for my contract to end in 12 months! Love the keyborad but the motoblur crap is a fail along with the slow pos processor and the battery life could be better as well. The lack of froyo 2.2 really got me mad. Was considering buying the motorola xoom but I think I will wait for the new ipad or the G-slate. Never again will I buy motorola.

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