We are walking through this issue in this very hour. A blessing we expected God to deliver has been withheld, at least for a time. Looking with natural eyes, we’d be tempted to feel lost and abandoned to a vision-less and terrifyingly empty scenario. But I don’t feel yet compelled to release this expected blessing. I don’t believe people have the ultimate say in everything.

I trust in the word of the Lord, and I expect Him to perform His word. It’s not my job to fulfill His promises. It’s my job to simply trust Him. Will you do that with me? Will you trust in Him? When He speaks a word into your heart. When He leads you to something wondrous yet impossible. Hold fast to Him! Not to an object or a desired outcome. Hold fast to Him! He is the One.

I know not what tomorrow brings. Man has spoken against the word of the Lord. I choose to believe God. He decides what is best for me, and what is possible. He takes the wealth of the wicked and pours out blessing onto the righteous. He gives good gifts to His children. He is the faithful Father.

If He releases me from this vision, I will let it go. I will walk away. But not until. I do not hand my future over to simple and sinful men. May the word of Lord not return void.

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