Happy Birthday to Me: 33 Confessions I’ve Never Shared

Confession #1: I like to look at and admire my blogs more than I like to write for them.
Confession #2: sometimes i hold my cellphone up to my ear when i pray in public so people won’t think i’m crazy.
Confession #3: I can’t look people in the eye when they’re lying to themselves or to me because I’m so embarrassed for them.
Confession #4: I have to feel every shirt on the rack with my fingertips before i consider trying it on. it has to “feel right”.
Confession #5: I like to support my personal preferences by telling everyone that it’s what Jesus would do.
Confession #6: I’m so sensitive to chemicals that I have to be careful how much caffeine I consume. feels like speed.
Confession #7: I focus so intently on my own thoughts that I choose to not remember many things that would take up bandwidth.
Confession #8: On my 16th birthday, my family took me to see The Net, and I developed an instant crush on Sandra Bullock.
Confession #9: I’ve seen more romantic comedies than any three of my friends combined.
Confession #10: I have absolutely no idea which fashion style actually matches my personality. and it shows.
Confession #11: After watching a home video of my 14th birthday, my best friend told me he would have hated me if he had known me then.
Confession #12: I went from college student to home mortgage clerk to copywriter to SEO to whatever I am now.
Confession #13: I once IM’d my boss on accident when I was complaining about them.
Confession #14: I’m a pen snob, and I usually carry two pens on me at all times so I never have to use someone else’s.
Confession #15: I used to walk by @kiddkraddick’s studio on the canal every day at lunch because I wanted to work there.
Confession #16: I’ve never used an open men’s locker room shower, and I have no intention of ever doing so.
Confession #17: As a teenager, I shoplifted shirts and belts from clothing stores in the mall.
Confession #18: When I accepted Jesus as my savior, I went back to every store and paid for what I had stolen.
Confession #19: I sometimes wear the same pair of jeans all week. Without washing. hubba hubba!
Confession #20: I don’t like the day to day grunt work of SEO, but I love teaching.
Confession #21: I wasted a decade of my life daydreaming about being a writer, but having nothing to say.
Confession #22: I had such a difficult time in junior high that by high school I chose to sit at a lunch table by myself. Every day.
Confession #23: In college, I was super sneaky and used my guitar voice to get my future wife’s attention (and it worked!)
Confession #24: I was a chain smoker for 10 years and was rail thin. Working to get back to the latter.
Confession #25: I own WAY more blogs than I can keep up with. And not a single dominant interest that captivates me daily.
Confession #26: If I could have it exactly the way i want, our next house would be LEED Platinum certified on 2+ gorgeous acres.
Confession #27: I had a crush on my wife back in junior high, but chose to argue with her instead of flirt.
Confession #28: At my second SEO position, the owner nicknamed me “Mister Confrontational”… #shocker
Confession #29: I frequently dream a situation/conversation that hasn’t happened yet… and then it does.
Confession #30: I avoid eye contact unless it’s business or very personal. the eyes just say too much.
Confession #31: I can identify smells i haven’t smelled in 20 years, and recall exactly how i felt when i first smelled them.
Confession #32: If I have the option, I refuse to get my hands dirty, or worse, get them wet with anything less than pure water.

Confession #33: I compulsively repeat things I’ve said out loud after I’ve left the room to doublecheck how they sounded.

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