Today is my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s difficult for me to endure, because it’s so important to me and she doesn’t really understand what it means.

My chief desire for this day has been to make her feel cherished. If she could just walk away feeling loved and cherished, my heart would be satisfied. But alas, she is but two, and such feelings do not appear to be possible yet. Taking her special places and spending time with her is fun, but not so out of the ordinary that she can tell today is special.

Maybe it stems from me trying to save my own childhood. But my heart is so focused on communicating to her that she is irreplaceable; and that I am so pleased with who she is.

My eyes literally sparkle when I see her. I had no idea what to expect before she was born. I didn’t even know if she would be a boy or girl. I was a little intimidated by the thought of a daughter, because I held so much enmity towards girls when I was a young boy. I feared that I would be incapable of finding something unique and precious about a little girl.

Then she was born. And I was undone. I love this little girl more than I ever expected. She has marked me. I am marked and changed by the love that was born for her. I wish I could put every feeling into words for her to hear.

Daddy is so pleased with you, baby girl. So very very very pleased.

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