I am 30 minutes away from finishing the second season of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. Yes, I have actually watched all 27 episodes of season two in the past 10 days. And that includes a two-day sabbatical. Heather and I actually stopped the final episode because it’s nearly 3am and we have church in the morning. I’m not going to summarize this or any other Grey’s Anatomy episode at this time because I’ve already found too many blogs and websites out there who focus entirely on the show and its actors. There is no need for another recap.

I do have some thoughts, however, and I will share them as they come, both now and in the future. There are different kinds of writers, you see. Some people are strictly factual reporters. Some are biased/sensationalist reporters, bending the story to fit a preconceived idea of what should be deemed newsworthy. Some are novelists. Some are poets. Others are playwrights. Then there is the columnist. The columnist takes the facts from the story, sifts through them, and finds little jewels of truth, insight, interest, and clarity which the others frequently miss. I am the columnist. I can be the poet and I aspire to be the novelist; but for now, I am the columnist.

You know that voice that talks at the beginning and end of each show of Grey’s Anatomy? That’s me. Okay, not literally me. I am not a writer or speaker on the show. But that is my type. I’m the person who takes all the interesting, bizarre, and mundane aspects of life and searches for the moral, the lesson, the silver lining. Such morals, lessons, and silver linings cannot always be found. But with convenient little shows like Grey’s Anatomy, they are hard to miss. It is difficult to not notice the ironic similarity between the problems of the patients and the problems of the staff. They coincide nicely and neatly far too often to be coincidence… except that life is often just as coincidental. What am I saying? I don’t know… It’s 3am. I don’t have to make sense at 3am. More on this later. Get some sleep.

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