The past week has been a blur. Besides work, I have watched 21 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and that’s not counting the six episodes I watched a second time. Count up them hours, Maynard. That’s a lot of time spent. I’m hooked. I can’t say that I share the same value system as the writer of the show, but I sure do appreciate the humor.

I will be saying this over and over again – George O’Malley is the best television character I can remember ever gracing the television screen. He is the funniest, most emotive, most entertaining guy I’ve ever seen. I feel exactly what he feels in each episode. That being said, I’m taking a much needed break. I still have 17 episodes left to watch, but I’m taking a two-day sabbatical. You know you’ve watched a lot of television when fictional surgical interns have conversations in your dreams. You become even more certain that you’ve watched too much television when you understand all of the surgical terminology within those conversations. I’m picking up a whole new vocabulary which I can’t even spell (that’s a first). So for the next two days, I will be intern-free.

I will still watch House MD tonight on FOX, but that’s another story. It doesn’t count. As entertaining as House MD is, and it ranks within my top five shows of the season, it doesn’t compare mostly because the ongoing story isn’t as strong. The dialogue is dripping with wit, sarcasm, and humor, but the show is formulaic and always ends with the same conclusion – House throws out one diagnosis after another until one experimental treatment works and reveals the nature of the problem. The story line is weak and underdeveloped, which is sad because the actors are talented and the characters are interesting enough to make for a good story. No, it’s not the same. I watch House for the sarcasm and wit. I watch Grey’s Anatomy for the humanity, the sense of family, and the progression of the story.

I do not watch ER or Scrubs or Nip/Tuck or any other wannabe hospital show. And I sure as heck don’t watch any soap opera hospital shows. Nope, it’s House MD or Grey’s Anatomy, end of discussion. Each delivers a unique brand of entertainment which I appreciate and value. That being said, I will now get back to work while daydreaming about the next episode. Call it obsession. Call it neurotic. Call it what you will. I call it being a fan who is excited about finding a show with two complete seasons to watch in succession without having to wait for commercial breaks or week-long intervals.

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