It’s pretty amazing what all Google has accomplished. From Blogger to YouTube, and I think even Flickr, Google is snatching up companies left and right. And they’ve got their thumbs in even more pies. Google is involved in a project with NASA. I’d give you more details but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Then there’s Google powering search for MySpace. We all knew that was going to happen eventually. MySpace search was pathetic and it’s simply too powerful of a site to allow such high levels of suck.

It still doesn’t do anything for my grudge against MySpace, though. One of my coworkers talks about Google like they’re the devil. He prefers to avoid all things Google including Analytics, Search, Maps, Blogs, and Video. He’s like those people who refuse to shop at Target or Barnes & Noble because it’s not fair for the little shop down the street trying to make an honest buck. He’s like that except he doesn’t support any little shops on the corners of streets trying to make an honest buck….

So Google continues to make headlines. GoogleChat, GoogleEarth, GoogleTalk, Googlethis, Googlethat, Googleeverything.

I’m all Googled out.

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