We see throughout the first 50 mentions of “God is” that God is the giver. He promised Abraham a land, and especially throughout Deuteronomy when Moses communicated to the people of Israel what God had said, He says over and over and over “the land that God is giving you.”

The repetition is significant. If we let him, God will cement this truth in our minds. The promised land, the inheritance, comes from Him. Him alone. No other. Let us never forget that God is giving us the land. Because as we go forth and possess it, we will be tempted to settle in and forget how we got there. We will give ourselves too much credit. We will lose sight of the One we worship. We will not live in the land according to His precepts if we forget that it is His land which He gave to us.

He loved us enough to prepare us for the land He is giving us. It’s a perfected action. He is giving in the sense that I am breathing. It’s not just future tense where you can wonder whether it will actually come to pass.

God is also a witness between us,

With you in everything you do,

Not a man that he should lie,

With us,

Near us when we pray to Him,

A consuming fire,

A jealous God,

A merciful God,

The faithful God,

The One that goes ahead of you like a devouring fire,

God of gods and Lord of lords,

Testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul,

The One who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory,

Your refuge,

And more. We’ll discuss more after Part Two.