Gift of Administration? I Hope Not

Two weeks ago, we went around the room in my men’s group and shared what we can see in each other that we can benefit from. Someone told me I have a gift of administration. Eek. Run away fast! That’s not something I was looking forward to hearing.

“Administration” means dry responsibilities to me. Probably just a mental association glitch. It’s true that I feel compelled to clarify more than most people, and I am a serious stickler for details. But that doesn’t mean I want to… run… things… oh. Wait. Maybe I do. I like overseeing things because I see far too many people skipping details or forgetting to ask important questions or neglecting to email summaries of meetings because they don’t do it immediately.

Ultimately, I hate it when information falls between the cracks because someone didn’t mention it, journal it, email it, or clarify it. I really care about quality. I really care about understanding between different people and groups of people. I.. guess… I’m… just… weird. [shrugs]

The term “administration” just sounds so anti-creative to me. I’ve always pictured myself as a creative, poetic soul. Well, until the past few years. Suddenly my poeticalness (new word) dried up and my desire for solid structure has taken over. I’m like a well-ordered Mr. Hyde. Well, not exactly. I’m one of those selectively ordered types.

My wife will attest that I do not organize bills, mail, or the garage with any sense of pride or consistency. But emails, communication, plans, goals? I’m on it.

What does that mean?

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5 thoughts on “Gift of Administration? I Hope Not”

  1. I think that’s more about your desire for quality communication than administration. I do have the gift of administration. Give me 5 people and I can tell them all what to do and create a well-oiled operation. 🙂 But I also have a creative side. However, those two sides of me rarely come out to play at the same time. 🙂 What gives me hives is when people say I have the gift of hospitality.

  2. Creativity vs. Structure. Opposites right? Think of this, there is a sunrise and a sunset everyday. Structural, like clock work! Are any two sunrises or sunsets the same? That’s totally creative. God’s great ability to be creative inside the mundane is amazing! God can be creative inside the the parameters of the structural. This world’s system tries with all it’s might to force us to pick a side. You’re either a “this” or a “that”. The underlining thought is you can’t be both.


    DD, you’re a multifaceted person. A husband, a father, a son, a brother and someday a bride. That’s on at least two dimensions both spiritual and natural. You’re not 5 people but only 1! The key is who you are relating to at any given time. Husbands have kissed their wives with great passion for centuries which is acceptable. But for that same husband to kiss his brother, sister or children the same way is perverted. Again it’s “who” we relate to and “how” we do it. So can you be “solid as a rock” AND as “light and airy as smoke”. Yep!

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