• Get Ready for B-Shows this January

    January is B-flick month! Okay, we're talking tv shows, but what else do you call them, but B-flicks? B-shows? Whatever you call them, they're coming in droves this January to a prime time television station near you. 

    Good 'ol Writer's Guild strike! Gotta love it when people fight over money. Seriously. When else can you watch millionaire actors, directors, and producers talk about how important these underpaid and underappreciated writers are to the quality of programming we've come to expect. How meaningful. How thoughtful. How absolutely full of sh*t.

    These millionaire celebrities are either strategically kissing ass or taking the opportunity to paint themselves as more egalitarian and human. Nothing like taking advantage of every opportunity to make yourself look good. 

    As for the B-shows, you may not be as disappointed as the "B" implies. The networks are OBVIOUSLY pulling some shows off the shelf, dusting them off, and giving them a run. Let's face it, even B-shows are better than prime time reruns. Personally, I'm looking forward to these B-shows. I've disagreed with many "keep or cancel" network decisions these past few years. Some of my favorite shows have been dropped mid-season. Some of my favorite canceled shows are: Day Break, starring Taye Diggs; Kidnapped, starring Jeremy Sisto; Crossing Jordan, starring Jill Hennessey; and Vanished, starring John Allen Nelson. There have been many others that I thought were hits, yet the network moguls gave them the axe. 

    Some of these upcoming shows may be decent. Just don't get too attached. One or two resurrected scripts may get a second chance once this strike is over, but don't count on it being your personal choice.