It’s been weeks since I’ve gotten to see Grand Master Flex (a.k.a. Gene Milstead). From what I hear, he’s tearing it up over at FEMA. I’m really proud of him. FEMA is an organization desperate for people who will be accountable for their actions. And Gene is silly enough to probably make everyone there love him.

I’m proud of him for more than being the great FEMA savior… He’s a man after God’s own heart. He is not ashamed to speak of his faith in Jesus, and his demeanor towards non-believers is very welcoming.

Did I mention he was The Starbucks Kid? What else could you want out of a guy? He fed my need for speed, shared his faith, and works to save lives without wasting tax payer money.

Gene is the suburban hero. I hope that got a smile out of him. Seriously, we miss you, Gene. Come home soon and visit. We need to catch up.

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