I keep trying to write new blog posts, and each time I get a check in my spirit. Don’t reveal that life lesson yet. I’m still working that in you. Not now.

It’s deeply frustrating. Or as my two year-old daughter would say: “Angry. Angry. Pissing off.”

This new place in the Lord is wonderful, but it comes with restrictions and limitations I didn’t foresee. Things like what songs I listen to or how long.

I came up with this title as the most honest expression of what I’m going through. Whenever I write now, I have to find that place of humility again and again if I want to have a chance to get through a post.

For example: I just finished watching the documentary, Food Inc. At several points, my blood was boiling. I get SO ANGRY at injustice. I’m infuriated that big business gets away with ruining people’s lives and violating the Constitution. It’s a helpless feeling, this anger. There is no desirable outlet. Nowhere to vent. It’s very humbling to feel so small and insignificant that even this powerful emotion elicits no external response. I just hold it in.

And I am once again in the place of humility: indignant but powerless to do anything but blog and pray. It was customary for me to unleash my own personal brand of verbal hell on companies I disapproved of. No more. I pray. I plead with the Lord to bring justice swiftly. I pray that these men and women would come to know Jesus in such a dynamic way that their worlds are turned upside down. I pray, and I am done.

And this is what I can tell you. Something I feel the freedom to share. Good times.

Merry Christmas to all.

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