I’ve known ever since 1999 that I was going to write books. Fear of failure stalled my efforts as I attempted to learn “enough” to qualify as a decent writer.

In other words, I waited until the day would come when my writing would warrant being taken seriously. Except, there’s no one regulating Time. So I waited. For nothing.

Faithfulness is Repetition

Maybe I wouldn’t have been Stephanie Meyer blowing away the world with my first novel ever. Most people’s first attempts don’t strike gold. But some do.

And some people’s second book improves over the first and makes it big. And some people’s third book is the big release. And, of course, some people’s books are never well received or even heard of by the masses.

Had I chosen to risk failure and write my first book back in 2000, I could be three, four, maybe five books into my craft by now. There’s no telling whether the first few would have warranted consideration, but you can be certain my skills would have improved steadily over time through practice.

To him/her who is faithful with little, he/she will be given much. Faithfulness is repetition. It’s taking what isn’t a perfected skill and through repetition transforming an interest into a habit, and a habit into a lifestyle.

Failure is an Option

There are 101 reasons why my book wouldn’t get published or make much money or afford me the lifestyle of my dreams.

But all of them are potential, not actual… just like my book. Like Thomas Edison, I consider failure an option only for those who refuse to learn from their mistakes.

Each failure isn’t ULTIMATE failure unless you allow it to become your last and final attempt. Only then does failure leave a lasting mark.

The Time for Excuses Is Over. Do What You Are.

God made me a writer, among other things. It’s in my blood. It’s in my bones. I was created to write. So I write I must. Regardless of outcome. Regardless of fear. Regardless of failure.

Be encouraged.

Do what you are.

And do it often enough and long enough to become the best in your field.