This post is going to be short. It’s my small contribution for the day to people everywhere. I could have chosen to NOT write this post, because it’s really going to be too brief to matter. No one will share links to it claiming it’s a comprehensive guide or the most robust resource available. 

But I logged into my dashboard and began typing this out because… well, because you exist. You’re out there. And, like me, you might need just a quick shot in the arm this morning. 

Failure To Start Is Your Enemy

There are GOOD reasons to not do small tasks. After all, small tasks really don’t create big changes. 

Or do they? 

Think of saving money. I’ve always had trouble setting aside $20, $50, or $100 for savings each month because the amount seems so small that it’s not worth the effort. Do you know how long it would take to save enough money to buy a car? Or even just an iPhone? 

We fail to take small steps because we can’t see what the sum total of those steps will amount to. But if we could peer into the future, we’d see cars purchased, books published, songs recorded, marriages established, and careers launched. 

It Costs So Little

Since it costs you so little, why not spend the next 20 minutes writing that page of jumbled words? Why not clean the dishes for the person who has worked a long day? Why not think of something admirable you see in someone and speak it to them?

100 of those actions leads to a habit. A repeated consisted habit leads to a lifestyle. And a lifestyle shift is what you and I need to accomplish the next great thing in our lives. 

And it begins today.

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