As of May 2007, it was uncertain whether Donald Trump and The Apprentice would return for another season in 2008. Have no fear. The Donald is here. Starting Thursday, January 3rd at 8pm CST, The Celebrity Apprentice will air for the first time. Donald's mixing it up after six years of somewhat repetitive and similar competitions. 

This year, celebrities will be competing for charity. Stay tuned to see how well that works out. Among the celebrity contestants are Gene Simmons of the band Kiss, Stephen Baldwin, Trace Adkins, and supermodel Carol Alt. 

How will The Celebrity Apprentice stack up against previous seasons? It's uncertain, but one thing is for sure – celebrities competing for charity surely can't stir the pot as well as real entrepreneurs. Playing for charity will drain the bloodthirsty cruelty right out of it. Prepare yourself for spoiled rotten celebs who expect to get their way as they attempt to work their way back into your good graces as true celebrities. 

I'll check this show out, but I doubt it will draw me in to watching the full season. Check back to see.  

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