This is the unintentionally unhappy-sick Daniel face.What can I say? I’m vertical for the first time in 4 days and I’m exhausted. Sinus infection or something. But that’s not important.

What’s important is that I’m staring at my most unhappy photo in months and I can’t help but admire how thin my face looks. Pathetic? I say no. It’s the silver lining.

I started the GAPS Diet 3 months ago. I’ve lost 31 pounds. I’m at most 15 pounds away from my ideal weight (sans P90X). Once I begin building muscle again, my weight may increase, but that will be just fine with me. I did P90X before the diet, but stopped all regular exercise since it started due to energy level, busyness, and lately, illness.

I care most about losing fat. After that, I’ll care about building muscle. I didn’t start this diet to lose weight, believe it or not. It’s just a byproduct. The purpose was to improve focus and attention and mood stability. Everything else is superfluous (though appreciated).

It’s time to kick the exercise back into gear, though. Without those endorphins, I’m still more stressed and prone to anxiety than is necessary. But it’s much more rewarding (in my opinion) to see the results of working out than to just feel them. When I start seeing the muscle definition, I’ll finally be impressed. Increased mobility is awesome, and not a benefit to be overlooked. But my #1 goal in this adjusted fitness pursuit is to eradicate the sloppy, unattractive image I’ve portrayed for the past five years. No more wincing when I look in the mirror. That feeling alone is priceless.

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