What’s With the Split Finger Face Holding Thing?

I ask the tough questions so you don’t have to. If you ever spend any amount of time talking to me while I’m seated, you’ll notice half a dozen unique face holding positions that I’ve developed(?) over the years to – I don’t know – support the weight of my head?

It’s probably a hold-over from my years as a smoker. All the hand-involved facial posing made me feel so much more serious and worth taking seriously. Yeah, I know. It is what it is. Thus, the face-palm-split-finger-contorto-thingy. Tada!

In this photo, I am watching a Kenshoo demo online. Kenshoo is one of many quality tools for managing large paid search marketing accounts. I’ve been using Acquisio, but I’m test driving the competitors to get a feel for what’s out there. So far so good.

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Daniel Dessinger

Daniel is an avid people watcher and writer who shares regularly on his self-awareness site, Supposed.ly. Founder of CultureFeast.com in 2005. Co-Founder of Mommypotamus.com in 2009. He's on a mission to challenge the questions we ask and the assumptions we make.

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