When I started this diet, I weighed 280 lbs. I’m now 254. Feeling better than I have in years. The diet took a lot out of me for the first month. There was caffeine withdrawl and probably other chemical withdrawls.

I’m noticing marked improvement focusing, but it requires intentionality. If I don’t purpose to be focused and remove distractions like Twitter, Facebook, music, StumbleUpon, etc, I can still get lost in unimportant details.

I’ve committed to do this lifestyle change for a long time, and it still costs me when I see a yummy WingStop commercial or smell the food someone brought into the office. But the bottom line is that I feel better.

What does that mean? It means it’s easier to move. It’s easier to touch my shoes. I’m more comfortable just sitting or standing. My joints feel relieved, as though a weight had been taken off them (go figure). I feel more confident when I talk to people. I’m less embarrassed by random photo opportunities (wife instigated). My thoughts seem more gathered more often.

I wouldn’t call it total focus at this point. I would just say that the periods of ability to focus are more often and they last longer. Definitely worth the sacrifice of self-comforting junk foods.

My goal? Unless I get my rear back in gear, I won’t be building much muscle, so I’d imagine that somewhere in the 230-235 range would be ideal for me. Of course, if I start up P90X again, there’s no telling.

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