Daniel Dessinger

CultureFeast was created in November 2005 by Daniel Dessinger, then a home mortgage operations clerk in North Texas. CultureFeast.com launched with the purpose of providing an intelligent source of cultural, philosophical, and spiritual writings.

In 2009, Daniel helped his wife Heather launch Mommypotamus.com, a blog about health, wellness, real food, and natural home remedies. Mommypotamus took off as the full-time family business in 2012 and Daniel joined Heather working on the business.

Daniel later created TheDailyHomestead.com in 2013 where he occasionally shares his adventures as a novice homesteader in the hills of Middle Tennessee.

Daniel is passionate about stimulating conversation among suburban homeowners about creating sustainable farms, personal responsibility for food production, and the value of designing agricultural systems which get accumulate and grow rather than slowly erode and fall apart.


“Spent the early morning catching up on my CultureFeast. Your site has reached the status of ‘must-visit’ for me now. Invariably, after reading one of your interesting blogs (Tony Romo/will I. Am/Mel Gibson), I say to myself… I wish I had a job for this guy…. I wish I could afford this guy… You’re truly good at what you do and I wanted to stop down and give you some props.”
Kidd Kraddick, national radio show host

Read Daniel’s latest articles here.

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