Here in Dallas, we’re still in shock and recovering from the disappointment that is this year’s Dallas Mavericks team. After the initial shock wore off, everyone in sports radio started asking the question: how did we ever expect this team to win a championship? And what will it take to get this team on the track we expected?

There’s no doubt that Dallas needs a major change. Sure, we all think Dirk’s a nice guy and he’s great for regular season play. Yee-haw. That doesn’t solve our woes. We need someone who will carry the team on their back when it counts.

We need someone like Tracy McGrady or Allen Iverson. AI is obviously not an option, but we need a player to come in and lead the team by example. Forget trying to pump up the players with speeches. Give them someone they can believe in who defies logic, and you’ll have a championship team.

Of course, we’ve never had a championship in Dallas, so we’re not really expecting the Mavericks to get it right for next year. We expect that the team is in the condition it’s in because the leadership has terminal weaknesses.

Don’t shrug it off and say that the Mavs just had a difficult matchup against the Warriors. Champions don’t make excuses.

10 responses to “Dallas Should Trade Dirk Nowitzki”

  1. Tracy McGrady? Surely your joking. He is 0 – 8 in the playoffs. He has NEVER made it out of the first round.

    I agree that the Mavs need to add some grit like we once had in Michael Finley, but trading Dirk is not the answer.

  2. If you watched Dallas play Houston in the playoffs two years ago, you know that McGrady is capable of otherworldly production when it counts. He has been plagued by some injuries, it’s true, and this has cost him some of his due recognition.

    Still, I would take him in a heartbeat over Dirk. And whoever recommended Vince Carter in another post is crazy. I don’t want Vince anywhere near my team.

  3. First of all, I am nothing BUT a Dallas Mavericks fan. I have only minimal interest in a few other teams in the league (Denver & Chicago).

    Second, Dirk is not the only reason Dallas won. Jason Terry was spectacular in most of the regular season. He also choked in the playoffs. These are my two biggest disappointments in the Golden State series. I would trade both Dirk and Jason in a heartbeat. Not that we can’t win with Dirk, but we can’t afford the other required star to win a championship.

    I don’t dislike either player. The issue is one of winning a championship. Dallas is due for one, and nothing should get in our way from accomplishing that goal. If Dirk’s value is higher in trade than in championship value to Dallas, we should trade him. Same for Terry and anyone else.

  4. Are you kidding me? Dirk is the reason Dallas won 67 games in the regular season. If your a true Dallas fan, you’ll see the small size of the Warriors is what caused Dallas to lose. Not only that but Dallas plays a slow game not a fast game. Golden State is the oppisite. Don’t Blame Dirk!

  5. consider this : the team gets 3 picks this year, the picks are a pg, cc, and sf if are good they can help Dirk out…possibly

  6. I personally am a huge Mavs. fan. I honestly dont think it was all Dirk’s fault. It makes me sick to think of a trade for Kobe like they had on ESPN yesterday. Why is Dirk the MVP of the leuge? He IS the best player in the leuge. Yes—he might have chocked in the Mavs. 6-game series with the Worriors. Like a previous comment said…they plainout outplayed us in every aspect. They shot 3’s like no other…and outran us…..I dont think a trade involving Dirk/Terry(/and Diop is now about to get traded) is the best and most productive move for the Mavs. at this time….They won 67 regular seasons games WITH Terry/Nowitzki!!! Why change now?

  7. let me tell yall somthing i also think dirk should get traded and if he is traded i think he should go t phoenix where his friend is love ya dirk and steve

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