It’s like the first rain after a 25 year drought that no one really realized was a drought until it was over. Millions of Cowboys fans and Stars fans have been sated over the years with a championship here or there. They carry the pride that comes with knowing that their team had what it takes and probably still would were it not for ownership and upper management bungling (sorry, how did that get in here?).

Texas Rangers fans, on the other hand, know what we’re going through. They might not see a World Series in their entire lifetime at the rate the team is going. But we don’t really care about Rangers fans, do we? Nah. Anyone crazy enough to watch athletes stand around and every now and then swing a stick at a ball deserves whatever disappointment that pasttime affords.

Sure, it was great when the Cowboys were the champs of the ’90s. It was great. After a decade, though, fans forget what it felt like to have a championship team. They forget the excitement, the city-wide camaraderie. We’re 2-0 in the 2006 NBA Finals. It’s halftime, and the Heat have a nine point lead as expected. They don’t deserve to be in the Finals if they can’t win a game at home.

But Mavs fans nationwide know that it’s only a matter of time. When your team is comprised of team players, expect to be the best. I ought to write about something other than sports again.

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