I can’t remember how many years it’s been since we had such good rainfall throughout the Spring until this late in May. Normally, it’s breaking 90 degrees outside with no hint of a reprieve. Not this year. Landscapers and homeowners around the DFW metroplex are undoubtedly rejoicing at their good fortune. More rainfall = lower water bills, not to mention no drought or watering restrictions.

It’s hard to make a dying lawn look good. But even the best Dallas landscaping company will be grateful for the extra help from Mother Nature (and the One who created it). Cool temperatures, green grass, and plenty to mow. I know my yard’s growing like it’s goin’ out of style.

Unfortunately, life has been so busy that Heather and I have missed our annual Shrub Day. This would be disheartening were it not for the fact that Paradise Landscaping has provided excellent service to us this year. They will be adding some greenery and seasonal flowers to the beds soon, and then we’ll really be in business.

For now, let’s all be grateful that this year has begun with such abundant rain. All things considered, it beats the hell out of melting in drought.

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