As much as I wanted to be able to say something else, it is true: the superhype is over. I had a dream. In that dream, Dallas defeated New England and steamrolled the rest of the competition to lose only two games this season. The Cowboys are still a good team. They're probably still the best in the NFC. But there's something about losing the respect of the nation and falling back into that category as a "second rate NFC team" that completely stole my thunder. 

The fairy tale died. Dallas was on the receiving end of the steamroll last week, and this week they barely squeezed out a victory against Adrian Peterson's Vikings (yes, they are HIS team now). Such a mediocre performance this week yanks me back to reality. Wake up, Daniel! The Cowboys are still the Cowboys! Which means that they are fun to watch but not superhuman (unlike stupid baby making Tom Brady and his Pats).  

So the season continues, but with much less glitz and suspense than before. My Cowboys are human after all, and have not reached Aikman-age superiority. Romo's minor hamstring injury after slide tackling a couple Vikings (nice move, but really stupid) knocked the breath out of me. If he were to sit, it's all over. Pack it up and wait until next season. So let's hope he heals up nice and quick!

Is anyone else desperately anticipating the intro of Tank Johnson and the glorious return of injured cornerback Anthony Henry? I won't even mention Terry Glenn except in passing because missing him is just too painful.

Well, Romo, you better stay healthy! A franchise is counting on you. No more stupid stunts like that. One touchdown versus injury should not be a difficult decision to make. So cut that stupid sh*t out!

I'll keep watching, but I have no illusions about a fantasy-like season. Dallas would have to go undefeated until the last two games to rebuild the frenzied excitement they built up before the Patriots game. Here's hoping they pull off some magic. But I won't keep my fingers crossed.  

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