What a game! My head hurts from the tension. The Cowboys’ pivotal game against New York ended in surprised celebration. It was Automatica Grammatica who kicked the winning field goal with six seconds left. Everyone has been questioning coach Bill Parcells for choosing to release the team’s field goal kicker, Mike Vanderjagt. Vanderjagt was the most accurate kicker in the league for several years until this season. New York played a very tough game. Jeremy Shockey’s big mouth wasn’t enough to win the game. He did play well, though. No one wants to give him credit because he’s an ass, but that didn’t stop Cowboys fans from cheering for Terrell Owens.

I have to admit that I expect Martin Grammatica to miss the game winning field goal. His most recent history doesn’t inspire much confidence. All that matters, though, is that he made it when it counted today, and tomorrow he will be the toast of the town. The incredible Tony Romo played one of the weakest games in his short career today. It had to happen eventually. Luckily for the Cows, Romo’s interceptions and fumble didn’t cost them the game.

Most reliable players on the team: Andre Ware for constant pressure on the quarterback, Marion Barber for running with explosive power and energy, Jason Witten for his sticky hands and enviable strength, and Tony Romo for his overall composure, accuracy, and decision making. Both teams are extremely talented. The press is making too much of the Giants’ immaturity and lack of cohesion. They have the talent to compete with top teams like the Cowboys, Bears, Saints, Colts, Ravens, and Patriots. Don’t be surprised if these two teams meet again before it’s all over.

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