Is there any doubt that Dale Hansen is the most annoying sports columnist in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex? There can be no doubt that he dwells on a level of suck all his own. Once upon a time, there was a radio guy named Randy Galloway who really got on people’s nerves. He was belligerent, obnoxious, and unwilling to consider anyone else’s opinion. Mr. Galloway was famous for his “idiot alert,” with which he would blast good intentioned callers whose opinions differed from his. That was annoying to say the least. I only ever enjoyed listening because I enjoyed disliking him.

My sports radio attention span is fairly weak, and months if not years went by without my listening to a single minute of sportstalk radio. It was probably the success of the Dallas Mavericks last year and the fact that I couldn’t watch many games that led me back to the radio to catch the day-after summaries and opinions.

To my surprise, Randy Galloway had transformed into this humorous, good natured guy whose insults had grown so mellow as to make his show entirely digestable. The personalities on his show added to the mix. Little Ball of Hate – Jennifer Engle - and Chuck “The Coop” Cooperstein were two personalities who brought a satisfying mixture of disagreement and a degree of logic. They disagreed with Randy enough to keep him honest. The infamous Idiot Alert was nowhere to be heard. To top it all off, Randy Galloway is actually funny.

ESPN Radio then made the mistake of following the three hour Galloway and Company show with the Dale Hansen Hour. What a pathetic excuse for radio. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Dale Hansen is famous because he’s a decent looking guy? It’s definitely not because of his personality.

Words cannot express how disappointing it is to get into the car after working out in the gym, turn on the radio, and realize that I’ve missed GAC (Galloway and Company). Dale Hansen’s voice is torture to my ears.

He has nothing to say. I’ve listened a handful of times, and he always has one big complaint against Bill Parcells or the college football bowlgame setup for the evening. He rants and raves over the same thing for the entire hour, asking the same questions over and over again. He repeats his points over and over as though he expects us to be total flipping idiots who could not possibly understand what he’s trying to say within the first five minutes of his hour-long show.

To be forthright, Dale Hansen is a television sports figure because he’s better looking than Randy Galloway. He has no business whatsoever on the radio or in print, where Randy Galloway dominates the DFW Metroplex. Everyone else is a Galloway wannabe.


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