If you find yourself glued to the set during CSI Miami, it has more to do with psychology than acting. Someone on the team learned about the psychological affects of colored light on the emotions, and has turned CSI into one psychotically refreshing show. Just to be clear, I don’t watch the show. I have on occasion, however, turned off the volume and watched a few minutes just to catch the vivid colors.

CSI Miami is like no other show I’ve seen. Granted, there are other shows out there like your Law & Orders and House that always seem to portray business at night with cool glowing office lights, but CSI Miami takes color to a whole new level. Look at the otherworldly yellows, blues, and greens that are always displayed in the background of every headshot. Tell me that you don’t somehow feel yourself in a better mood after watching, despite the fact that every show is about people being butchered by deranged lunatics and psychotic lovers.

Despite the grotesque, graphic nature of the show, people are addicted to it like crack. And they’re addicted because the colors are so rich and vibrant that their eyes are getting high. It’s like the sugar rush of a Dr. Pepper.

I cannot stand the show from a content and storyline basis, but even I must admit that the light filtering and colorization is uncannily effective. Someone is a genius.

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  1. I noticed this as well – but on the original (Vegas) CSI show. The color definitely enhances the viewing experience – but are you sure about the psychological dependence thing?

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