Whataburger sounds really good right about now. So does fettucine alfredo. And chips with queso. Mmmm… Okay, okay, I’m going to do permanent damage if i don’t stop. August 6th marked day one of the Dessinger live food diet. That was seventeen days ago. Cravings are popping up out of the woodwork. I was warned about just such a possibility. I was told that after a while of burning off excess fat, the body begins to detoxify itself. As the toxins are flushed from their places of residence (fat cells), they often affect a person with cravings for the very foods he or she is trying to avoid. Then again, if you’re addicted to the hormone and chemical releasing properties of junk food, you may just be feeling the cravings of an addict. I fit into one of the two categories… just not sure which one.

The first sounds more positive and productive: “I’m flushing toxins from my system!” Then again, I was told that a majority of the fat has to be burned off before this detoxifying begins. Sadly, I have not yet attained such nirvana. Seventeen days in, and life really isn’t bad. My number one problem is driving by dozens of fast food restaurants I used to visit like old friends. Then there’s the good old lunch meeting institution which is sometimes unavoidable as I watch someone eat a hamburger or steak or God knows what else. It truly is a ying-yang kind of experience. I can focus on the goal and feel nothing but positive energy and attitude. I can focus on what everyone else is eating and feel deprived, neglected, abused, and needy. All of that changes with a simple shift of focus. That’ll preach. Pressing on, I reach toward the prize… what is this prize?

For me, the prize is the end of joint pain, sudden mood swings, attention deficit disorder, back pain, and sluggishness. For me, the prize is waking up and feeling more consistent and calm than I ever have before in my life. The prize is actually having a chance at living this “Christian life” with endurance, patience, and humility. There is nothing quite so humbling as denying your flesh its greedy little desires.

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  1. The most common foods for detox diets are foods like fish, fruit (juiced), vegetables (both solid and juiced), plenty of water, herbal teas such as green tea. Banned foods include caffine based drinks (coffee, etc), alcohol, red meats, fried foods, etc. Basically, all foods on the detox diet range mostly between fruit and vegetables and plenty of water.

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