Now that Christmas has come and gone, our bellies are full of Christmas
delight, cookies, pies, turkey and so forth, family members and friends are
or will be soon making their  way back to their own homes and their regular
lives. As we prepare for the New Year what happens to the bonds that have
been re-kindled, made and established with new friends and old, family
members and loved ones a-like?

Do we? Will you maintain this attitude of generosity and appreciation,
charity and love, smiling, happiness and joy?  Helping around the house to
clean up, being nice to the kids, being tolerant of your family. Was that
just a facade? Or will you continue to be this person that you have been
over the holiday season?

The Christmas Holiday season is especially special because so many people
become selfless and do things for others rather than themselves. And so they
sort of become another person, a better person. A person that exhibits
patience, understanding and selflessness. Is there a reason why this has to
change, if not then why does it? Hmmmm?

Well the reasoning really is not important but the change is. Joy is a
wonderful thing and you can be joyous as often as you please. It is not
limited to any season or any reason. If you had fun and smiled a lot and
enjoyed friends and family, hold on to that joy, embrace it and let it
embrace you. Let the goodness that has come out of you this holiday season
remain with you always. There is something great about a person’s character
that exhibits, consideration, patience and selfless, because your actions
reflect that life is not always about you, and that….is a wonderful thing.

As the New Year approaches do not lose sight of what you have become, the
season is here now and will soon pass however your graciousness,
appreciation and respect for others does not have to pass with it.  Hold on
to who you have become, for all seasons. Do not let your humble spirit and
attitude fade as the season passes.

Your attitude is your outwardly appearance to the world. Be the best you for
all seasons and you will see how your attitude affects others in a positive
light. Let your good spirit shine from you like the sun and you will see
good things grow all around you. Seeds of joy will soon grow to flowers of
happiness and smiles.

Smiling is good we should smile as often as possible as if everyday was
Christmas. Don’t you think?

Happy Thursday!

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