I think it goes without saying that those who are most famous are not necessarily the most mature. We know this when it comes to Hollywood, but I think we tend to forget this applies to the blogosphere as well.

I remember five years ago, discovering via Twitter that one of my favorite pro bloggers still lived in an apartment and had never owned a car. Here I was wishing I could be like this person because I fantasized about the life of a pro blogger, but the truth is that I’d already reached several landmarks this person had yet to reach.

Such is the world of celebrity. I think a lot of people who are most famous for what they do tend to be imbalanced. Some of us focus on our strengths and ride them to fame while others of us focus on strengthening our weaknesses and never really reach the potential pinnacle of our strengths.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Celebrities wish they had more privacy and could tell more easily who their real friends are. Non-celebrities wish they were pushing the envelope more and getting the widespread recognition others have.

Celebrity ≠ Maturity. However, to be fair, neither does Anonymity.

2 responses to “Celebrity Doesn’t Equal Maturity”

  1. I have this thought a lot as well. I want to big things but I also like my privacy.

    If one dares to make big dreams happen then one is just going to have to deal with the adoration of those who won’t.

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