• Google Talk + AIM Equals What?

    I log into my Gmail account this morning, and lo and behold, I see a little red link at the top of the screen desperately trying to get my attention. It tells me that AIM chat is now available on my Gmail! Yay! But wait…. why do I need that exactly? The quick and easy […]

  • The Bloated Web Won’t Last Forever

    I'm amazed by how many web 2.0 startups have appeared within the past two years. It seems that everyone smelled success with MySpace, Digg, YouTube, and Del.icio.us, and the race was on. Hundreds of 2.0 ideas have launched in the past year, making for an increasingly crowded space.  Though there are millions of users to […]

  • Test Drive Dozens of CMS Options for Free!

    When you finally come to the realization that your website absolutely must be rebuilt on a content management system, you then face the challenge of learning about all the CMS options out there and selecting the one that works best for you. While Rand recommends that you build your own for customization purposes, most website […]