• Our Mandate

    We have a mandate to turn this patch of earth into a paradise. Imagine Greening the Desert meets the Apostle Paul. Life was supposed to be simpler. Simpler than most of us live, anyhow. There’s too much stress in the life we’ve built that we were never designed to carry. The simpler, more rudimentary tasks […]

  • Settle It Tonight: You WILL Enter Your Prophetic Destiny

    I’m here to tell you that it’s going to happen. I don’t care what you’ve feared. I don’t care what you’ve wondered. It’s going to happen. It’s not unconditional, however. You must make the choice. Far too often, we’ve heard a prophetic word declared over our lives and just assumed that “now it’s up to […]

  • New Guest Post on God’s Divine Waiting Game

    Check out my latest post on Mommypotamus.com entitled: The Frustration and Pleasure of God’s Divine Waiting Game. It’s a continuation of the theme I’ve been developing here over the past week. The general theme here has been vision, pursuit, prayer, confusion, disappointment, and waiting. A thrill a minute, I tell ya.

  • The Trial of Discontentment

    I woke up this morning and read an old post from John Paul Jackson. The words lept off the screen like they were written just for me. My friend Bob Jones says 2007 was the year of discontent. I say that is too light of a term – it was the “Trial of Discontent.” It […]

  • How Much Compromise is Acceptable to Move Your Vision Ahead?

    As many of you know, we’ve been looking for a new property for the past two years. That quest has taken several drastic turns (from international to stateside, for one) along the way, and we’ve had our share of weariness. Lately, if ANYTHING popped up on the radar, we’ve considered it. We came to a […]

  • What it Means to Establish a Vision for Your Life

    Mommypotamus and I spent some time this past weekend at a local coffee shop talking over our vision. It’s a vision two years in the making, and we’re not there yet.

  • There’s Something Prophetic and Pioneering in All This

    Hey, everyone… Daniel here. As I began to explain in my last blog post, we’re doing the family blog thing. Originally, we were going to start a third blog for all our family stories, and Heather and I both sort of just agreed that the family blog should reside right here at Mommypotamus.com (UPDATE: The family […]