Inspired And Constantly Revising

If there’s one true thing that can be said about my digital footprint, it’s that the trail looks like a zombie apocalypse. The dead blogs are redirecting and the undead (abandoned blogs) are traipsing around the interwebs nonchalantly, occasionally chancing upon live prey. My current living (not undead) project is Stop by and say hi. I love getting feedback on my questions and ideas. I’ve been inspired by Seth Godin, who among other semi-mention-worthy achievements (like authoring best-selling books and being one of the most in-demand public speakers), Seth has been blogging every single day for eleven years. ELEVEN! […]

Words Mean What They’re Used To Mean

Despite my typical laid-back demeanor, I’ve been accused of being too rigid regarding word choice in a conversation. It’s true. Many a debate has begun over whether a word “can” be used to mean something outside it’s textbook definition.

The Veil of Propriety

Early in my career, our digital agency staff went to lunch at a burger joint. While we sat and ate our burgers, the president of the company announced that I would henceforth have a new nickname. He dubbed me Mister Confrontational. I was a bit surprised. In my world, conflict is typically caused by a disagreeable sort of person who has staked their identity in proving other people wrong. There’s nothing wrong with taking a stand against error. But if that’s all you ever do, what do you really stand for, right? Standing against injustice is important, but abundant, life-changing […]

Success Depends On When You Tell the Story

We understand history based on where we are in the progression of the story. Most tales of entrepreneurs overcoming massive adversity are not told mid-story. There’s a good reason for this. If an entrepreneur came to you and told their story about how their manufacturer went belly up and their business partner over leveraged the business without partner approval, you wouldn’t be amazed and inspired. Because that story isn’t over yet. That person hasn’t reached the climax of the story where they overcome.  It’s hard to know where a person is in their story if they haven’t overcome the major […]

Yes, You’re Supposed to Publish Consistently, But…

Some days the words just don’t flow. The well has run dry. The rest of life has a tight grip on your attention. When you’re not a pro blogger, you blog when you can fit it in. When you can make it work. Not everyone is a full-time blogger. Trust me. When you’ve seen dozens of top notch bloggers burnt to toast and desperate to develop bus’inesses that live independent of content creation, you’re going to adjust your expectations. Writing can still be fun and meaningful without being the one thing you do to earn an income. But thats not […]