American Idol Returns to DFW

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That's right. All you wannabe superstars will have your chance to shine. Season 7 of American Idol begins June 25th in San Diego and works its way to Irving's Texas Stadium on Monday, August 6th. Audition information will be posted on the American Idol website soon.

If you're 16 to 28 years old, you are eligible for tryouts. Good luck!

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance
“So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite summer T.V. shows, is here again. I must say, each year I am inspired anew. Inspired by their beautiful bodies to take care of my own. Inspired by their discipline, passion and strength. For me, most T.V. shows do nothing more than entertain. But with this one, I feel reminded that the world is a stage. Radiance is a lifestyle: a mix of gratitude, confidence, generosity, humility and determination. I want to be radiant. I want to be surrounded by radiant people. I’m blessed in that way, because the people closest to me glow with a particular kind of life. In some it is very faint, others very bright, but with each I anticipate what a new day will reveal about them.

When I was a young dancer, I was taught that it’s not how you begin a pirouette . . . it’s whether or not you can land it. All pirouettes start out looking pretty much the same, but toward the end it’s easy to see which dancers are deliberately creating beauty and which are flopping around. Flopping can be beautiful, but it lacks form. Thanks to Plato, I love Form, and I need it to properly enjoy dance. Unless, of course, my daughter-to-be wants to flop around. I’ll flop with her all day.

My husband would probably turn this into a basketball analogy. It’s fun to watch someone get lucky and beat the buzzer at the 3 point line once in awhile. But it can be more satisfying to watch a pro sink the same ball because one can sense the desire, commitment, and practice behind that shot.

If you asked me to tell you what life analogy I take away from “So You Think You Can Dance,” it would be this: Floppy leads to Form. A pirouette is never good the first thousand times. It always begins beautifully and ends horribly. It takes time to learn to land a pirouette. It takes time to land a new phase of life, too. Beginning a new phase is the most natural thing in the world. Like getting married. When Daniel and I said our vows we started beautifully . . . then landed on our proverbial asses. When we finally quit busting our asses we were still short of a masterpiece, but a new element was added into our routine nevertheless: parenthood. So far we’ve inflicted, and received, more than our share scrapes and bruises trying to dance this new dance together. It doesn’t matter, though. Floppy leads to Form, and I have the best dance partner in the world.

CSI Miami Plays With Your Mind

If you find yourself glued to the set during CSI Miami, it has more to do with psychology than acting. Someone on the team learned about the psychological affects of colored light on the emotions, and has turned CSI into one psychotically refreshing show. Just to be clear, I don’t watch the show. I have on occasion, however, turned off the volume and watched a few minutes just to catch the vivid colors.

CSI Miami is like no other show I’ve seen. Granted, there are other shows out there like your Law & Orders and House that always seem to portray business at night with cool glowing office lights, but CSI Miami takes color to a whole new level. Look at the otherworldly yellows, blues, and greens that are always displayed in the background of every headshot. Tell me that you don’t somehow feel yourself in a better mood after watching, despite the fact that every show is about people being butchered by deranged lunatics and psychotic lovers.

Despite the grotesque, graphic nature of the show, people are addicted to it like crack. And they’re addicted because the colors are so rich and vibrant that their eyes are getting high. It’s like the sugar rush of a Dr. Pepper.

I cannot stand the show from a content and storyline basis, but even I must admit that the light filtering and colorization is uncannily effective. Someone is a genius.

New Joost Invites Available!

That’s right! We have more Joost invites to give away. So this is how it works. In order to receive a Joost invitation, add a link to CultureFeast using the phrase “Dallas copywriter” as your anchor text. It doesn’t matter if you link to the Home Page or any other page on the site. Whether you just add one sentence about your favorite Dallas copywriter or your least favorite, if you make “Dallas copywriter” the anchor text for a link to our site, we’ll hook you up with an invite to Joost.

For those of you who are still unaware, Joost is Internet television access. You can watch all kinds of shows online through Joost. It’s a growing phenomenon which we expect to gain global popularity within the next 18 months. Get in on it now, and get in by linking to

Thanks in advance for the link love! Post a comment with the URL in which the anchor text and link are located. Once we’ve varified that the link exists, your invite will be on its way!

CBS Solves My Dilemma with InnerTube

I just read on Search Engine Land that CBS has announced that they will be posting full episodes of shows on web portals like MSN and AOL. This is great news for me, since I have despised InnerTube since I first attempted to use it. InnerTube is the name of the player CBS currently uses on their website to play full episodes of NUMB3RS, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Let me be as blunt as possible: CBS’ InnerTube is by far the WORST media player among the top 4 major network websites. ABC’s is probably the best. FOX uses MySpace, but since they refuse to provide episodes of House MD online, I give them the cold shoulder. NBC’s media player is middle of the road.

And then there’s CBS. I tell you, I have gotten so frustrated with CBS for their stupid media player. Unlike every other network, it’s shows drop off and require restart over and over and over until you just want to throw your laptop against the wall and curse CBS until you’re blue in the face. Well, you get the picture.

So now that they’ll be distributing their shows on other web portals, I can only hope that they don’t infest those portals with the scummy InnerTube. Here’s hoping each portal utilizes some sort of media player that actually works. Yeah… that would be nice.

Joost 0.9.1 is Gone Forever

Without consulting me, Joost just threw up a new version – 0.9.2. My apologies to those who just recently received invitations. Your invites may still work on the newer version. I just don’t know. Please post a comment here if your invitation is not working and I will see what I can do about getting updated invites.


Joost 0.9 Invitations Available!

Joost sent me an email today announcing the release of the latest version of the online television software. Leave me a comment if you are interested in watching the new shows on Joost and I’ll choose a couple people to receive invitations to download the Joost 0.9 software.

If you don’t speak up, I’ll give ’em away to somebody else!

American Idol Mucking Up TV Programming

Okay, by now, everyone on the face of God’s green earth has auditioned for one season of American Idol or another. Enough! Please!!! This stupid show is wrecking my programming schedule. They keep flopping shows around each week, playing reruns, and generally pissing me off.

Tuesday used to be one of my favorite days for prime time television. I would watch NCIS on CBS at 7pm and then House MD on Fox at 8. But stupid American Idol has to take up two freakin’ hours to show us that most of these singers are karaoke champs at best.

Don’t get me wrong… I watched the first three weeks of psychos and screw ups. But the fun is over, and the sub-par talent has taken over. I can’t stand it.

Thankfully, Wednesday evenings just became my favorite evenings for prime time tv. Now I can switch from Bones to Crossing Jordan to LOST in one fell swoop. Heroes appears to have disappeard (did the season end when I wasn’t paying attention?), but I can deal with that as long as I get one or two days a week of my favorite shows. Grey’s Anatomy still rocks Thursday, and I’m waiting to see on Friday if Raines will be a hit. I’m a HUGE Jeff Goldblum fan. The kind of wit I like comes from guys like Goldblum, John Cusak, and Robert Downey Jr. They rock.

March Madness is in full swing, so we’re going to miss NUMB3RS for at least one week.

Am I the only one irritated by the total prime time domination of American Idol?

Brad Pitt and Kirk Cameron

It’s amazing how some actors and actresses get started in the industry. Many of them get little television roles that nobody remembers until years later when the reruns play.

I’m watching Brad Pitt on Growing Pains. Can you believe it? Back in the day, Kirk Cameron was one of the most popular teen heart throbs. Brad Pitt was a nobody. It’s hilarious. Girls had posters of Kirk Cameron on their walls. He had this hit show for years.

Some would say that Kirk Cameron’s career disappeared because of his conversion to Christ. Perhaps. I haven’t been around to see whether he’s auditioned for many parts. I have seen him several times on random local Christian television stations talking about how to evangelize.

Brad Pitt is one of the most popular people on the face of the earth. Kirk Cameron is all but forgotten. Of course, some would argue that Cameron has devoted his life to something much more worthwhile. I’m not one of those people who enjoys Christian tv programming or films. I think they fall far short of industry standards when it comes to acting quality, script writing, directing, producing, etc.

Personally, I’m not worrying about which actor has the greatest affect for the Kingdom. I’m selfishly more concerned with who produces quality entertainment, a fact for which I do not apologize.

Radiant Travels to New York City

The Pontiac / Jimmy Kimmel Show Best Unsigned Band Contest just ended. Out of the 1,000 plus entries, two of the finalists were bands with roots in Shady Grove Church, Grand Prairie, Texas. The DFW metroplex has churned out two great talented bands: Radiant and The Barons.

This year belonged to Radiant. The band received word just a few days ago that they were the winners of the contest and would be flying out to New York City for a week. “Excited” does not begin to express the response.

Levi Smith (lead singer/guitarist), Daniel Hopkins (drummer), Dragan Jakovljevic (guitarist), and Jon Schoemaker (bass/keys) will first play on the Friday morning for The Early Show on CBS. The band was originally scheduled to play for The Early Show on Saturday, but memorial coverage for President Gerald Ford took precedence.

Rumor has it that Radiant is also slated to play on Fox and Friends sometime during their stay in New York, though an exact date and time has not yet been announced.

Perhaps the most fun for the band will be opening for My Chemical Romance and P.O.D. on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The Jimmy Kimmel show will tape Radiant and play part of their performance during a Jimmy Kimmel Show within the next seven days.

CultureFeast attempted to get an interview with Radiant last year, but we just couldn’t seem to get the guys in one place. After Radiant returns to Dallas / Fort Worth, we’re going to work on them one by one if necessary to get that interview. There will be plenty to talk about to be certain.

Updates on Radiant’s schedule will be posted as they are made available.