Tyson Chandler or Deron Williams?

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I wrote an amazing piece on the Dallas Mavericks today (what? I’m not shy). It’s become popular speculation that the Mavs can only afford one superstar: Tyson Chandler or Deron Williams. Who would you choose and why?

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Jason Garrett: Last Hope for the Tony Romo Era

Despite the obvious issues with the collective bargaining agreement, Jerry Jones’ choice for head coach is complicated. There MIGHT not be a 2011 season, but more concerning is the Tony Romo golden egg timeline. Say what you want about his charisma or leadership ability, Tony Romo is still the best all around quarterback to don a Cowboys uniform since Troy Aikman. And that means expectations are high.

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Who IS Dominique Jones? Video Highlights


Check this guy out. I had no idea who he was until after the draft. The Mavericks’ front office was SO stoked about getting him, saying he was among the top 3 shooting guards in the draft (what do I know? I don’t keep up with college ball anymore).

He’s got the moves. Suddenly, I’m in a much better mood. Go Mavs!

Here’s a quick interview with Dominique to get you acquainted.


Here’s one more interview. This one was taken a week before the draft.


Why DallasProSports Doesn’t Cover Every Mavericks Game

Inevitably, someone somewhere asks why we don’t cover the Mavericks with the same zeal as the Cowboys. This, my friends, is a stupid question. However, while we may cover the Cowboys with more passion, we love us some Dallas Mavericks. We wish we could deliver live game blogging and postgame reports. We hope to get […]

Watching the Mavs

The Mavs started out okay tonight, but even with the score in their favor, Dallas is weak in the paint. That’s what you get when your starting power forward plays like a guard and your center can’t score to save his life.

Kobe didn’t dress up for this one. They’re speculating on tv that its because he doeant respect Dallas as a challenge. Whether that’s true or not, who can say?

Kris Humphries (former child swimming prodigy) has put in some decent minutes. Shawn Marion looks good. The rest of the offense looks flat footed and content with standingv outside and shooting threes.

We’re still early in the game, but I’m predicting a Lakeer win unless they lull themselves to sleep.

Trent Green on Concussions and Brain Health

Mike and Mike in the Morning spoke with NFL quarterback Trent Green this morning on ESPN Radio about concussions and the affects of head injuries. Despite his horrendous performance this year as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback, Green is an accomplished quarterback and quite the speaker. You can hear the interview via podcast here.

Golic asked Green about the most recent concussion he suffered and whether he was suffering any post trauma effects from the blow. Green claims he is fine, with no noticeable after effects, which may or may not be true. Keep in mind that a professional athlete, especially an NFL quarterback, is more vulnerable to replacement today than ever before. Now, I don't know what kind of quality replacement Miami has at the QB position right now, but it's still in the best interests of an athlete intent on starting next year to put on his best face in public to avoid any speculation on the need to replace him with a healthier version. 

Despite the possible threat to his career, Green sounds confident about the prospect of returning next season. And why shouldn't he? Even if he doesn't play again, he has a promising career ahead of him as an NFL analyst. 

Based on this one radio spot, I like Trent Green. He sounds intelligent, informed, and responsible. He's talked with a lot of veteran quarterbacks including Steve Young about their experiences with concussions. He's researched the latest developments in brain trauma treatment and sounds like a man confident in his ability to recover. 

One avenue of brain trauma treatment/recovery Trent Green may not have investigated yet is neuro-feedback. The Sams Center in Plano handles cases from coast to coast. Success rates with various types of brain trauma are better than anyone would have expected 20 years ago. Check them out online if you have a similar issue: brain trauma, ADHD, ADD, bipolar, depression, etc. The treatments seem laughable, but they work. Sometimes, you'll try anything once you've exhausted the more traditional treatments. A lifetime of medicating yourself is no way to live if there's a better way. 

Can the Dallas Cowboys Convince You to Switch to Dish Network or DIRECTV?

That's the million dollar question. Just minutes ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones held a press conference on ESPN Radio where he urged football fans nationwide to switch to satellite. Two days from now, the Dallas Cowboys will face the Green Bay Packers on NFL Network

I was livid until I heard Jones say that fans in both the DFW region and Green Bay will both be able to watch the game on a regular broadcast channel. If you live in the Dallas area, tune in to Channel 27 KDFI at 7pm. So crisis #1 solved. I get to watch the game.

The truth remains, however, that Dallas and Green Bay are the two most popular teams for nationwide televising. That means that millions of people nationwide will be looking for a place that has Dish Network or DIRECTV or making the switch themselves from cable in order to watch this game.

But answer me this: are you hardcore enough that a football game will make you switch providers? Will you switch from cable to satellite just to watch more football? Drop me a comment with a yea or nay. I really want to know. Because honestly, I'm cheap. I don't have cable OR satellite. I get enough shows that I want to watch on prime time broadcast. Of course, that may change with the writer's guild strike. But there is NO WAY that I'm signing up for satellite tv just to watch the Dallas Cowboys, and I love my Cowboys.

I would have searched high and low for somewhere to watch the game. There is a movie grill not too far away that usually puts the Cowboys game on a theater sized screen, and I've watched there once. That wasn't bad at all. I could do it again. But it's the principle of the thing. Don't take away my team just to sell me on satellite tv. Seriously.

So I'm glad that as a local Dallas fan, I'll get to watch the game as usual from the comfort of my own home. I'll be cheering on my Boys while my wife watches on with dismay over the loss of an evening.