• The Pursuit of Knowledge

    “You attract what you think about most, and you become what you attract most.” Focus. Mental discipline. The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, is located in the New Age section of your local bookstore. Before you decide to tune out, read on for at least another paragraph. CultureFeast has never been dedicated to New Age […]

  • The Connection Between Music and Ego

    What makes you tick? What makes me tick? Other than some really poor jokes about parasites, I’ll venture to say that we don’t often know ourselves as well as we might think. I am notorious for insisting that people think about the “why” of everything. After all, it’s probably a waste of time if you […]

  • Everyone Deals with Pain

    It’s something we either never talk about or trivialize in order to forget. It is the reason why many men are so pathetic at talking to women during their teenage years. Whether insecurity or heartache, we cannot decide how best to handle the pain. Pretending makes us feel awkward, as though we are out of […]

  • Musical Tastes as a Sign of Increased Sensitivity

    What is this? Is this what it means to get old? Everywhere I go, I cringe at the sound of conflict. The music I listen to has even changed. Where once it was Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, and Korn, I now listen to now Dave Matthews, Sade, Coldplay, Dallas Green, and Andrea Bocelli. I […]