Live a Little More – Talk a Little Less

Most every deep thought I meditate on stems from a quote I’ve read or heard elsewhere. Case in point:
If you want to be promoted, excel at your occupation. If you want to have a nice house, take good care of the one you have now. If you want people to listen to your counsel, have a successful life so you have credibility (talk is cheap). If you want to be happy focus on what is going good in your life (not what is wrong in the world) and cultivate thankfulness.
If you want to have a great relationship with God, give yourself completely to Him…If you only seek Christ in crisis than don’t be surprised if crisis becomes your lifestyle. If you want to write books, start writing articles.
Stop waiting for someone to come along and discover you, take responsibility for your own success in God. By God’s grace you have been given the ability to work hard!- Kris Vallotton
 The truths found in this quote eluded me all my life; especially the “have a successful life so you have credibility (talk is cheap)”. This is why I’ve removed nearly all my other websites. Talk IS cheap, and I have lots of it.
I need to live more life, take more chances, build some things with my own two hands, and grow some food out of the ground.
Maybe then… someday… I’ll have something to say.

Being “Real” Starts in Prayer

A little book by Bill Leckie recently shook me out of my stupid complacency and taught me to be real with God first. All this time I’ve been journaling and chatting with friends over coffee trying to reach down into the “real me”, I’ve been fooling myself. There is no “getting real” without first owning up to who we are, what we want, and what we don’t want with our Daddy in Heaven.

He knows all, so He is not surprised. But we are not free of the shackles of self-protected delusion until we come clean in His presence. It is that naked unveiling of our hearts in front of Another that permits us to be freed from whatever hindrance, shame, or fear kept us from moving beyond.

I’m gonna let this marinate and see what else God has to say.

2012 is the Year of Alignment

What Is In A Name?

Do you ever stopped to think about what your name means and how that meaning might play into the calling and destiny God has planned for you? I do. Quite often.

As I wrote my name on my latest journal, I felt compelled to write my full name for the first time: Daniel Mark Dessinger. It’s is a significant moment in my life, just like the time when I transitioned from being “Danny” to “Daniel” in 1996.

Before I invited Jesus into my life forever, I resented my formal name. It sounded stuffy and impersonal. I didn’t connect with it. Yes, my parents determined what nickname to call me when I was a child, but I kept it as a teenager because I innately rejected my real name.

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Robert Downey Jr. Asks Hollywood to Forgive for Mel Gibson

This is quite an appeal. I’ve always regretted the events surrounding Mel Gibson’s reputation crisis because the quality of his work in Hollywood has been so great.

Robert Downey Jr. has a way with words. And this story combined with an appeal for forgiveness is compelling, to say the least. Downey highlighted while downplaying the significance of Yom Kippur to his Jewish audience.

“During the Days of Awe, a Jew tries to amend his or her behavior and seek forgiveness for wrongs done against God (bein adam leMakom) and against other human beings (bein adam lechavero).” – Wikipedia

It is a sacred holiday wherein forgiveness of debts is granted and slates are wiped clean. What a masterstroke of timing and approach.

Renewing the Mind Takes More Than Good Intentions

I intended to renew my mind each and every day. And by “intended to”, I really mean “purposefully avoided.” It’s not that I don’t want the benefits of a renewed mind. Obviously I do. It’s that I don’t want to put in the work.

Or even more precise, I don’t want to sacrifice the time it takes to renew my mind. That’s precious downtime. More precious than gold, actually.

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