Everyone Has a Why. Not Everyone Is Proud of Theirs.

I’ve seen enough tv shows to be influenced by the passionate workaholic worldview of police officers, detectives, firemen, lawyers, and doctors portrayed on the screen. These people work late into the night, rarely seeing family, if they even have one left. They are career-obsessed, often believing they are obligated to save every last possible person […]

The Way I See The City

Every time I drive through an aging urban setting, I can’t help but think of all the farmland that once sprawled over hills, across the plains, and through the valleys. This fertile soil is now lost forever underneath asphalt and brick.

Join Me In Celebrating My Wife, Heather!

I experienced a lifegiving practice through Cliff, Jen, and Jessie at the end of my Permaculture Design Course. They brought each student forward and asked the group to speak one word descriptions that most accurately represent the individual. Someone wrote those words down on the back of the PDC certificate for each person to take home […]

Happy Birthday, Wifey

So, it’s your birthday. I know it’s going to be busy day, so I wanted to start off your day with these words: You are on the right path. You are handling your business with integrity, and you are demonstrating the desire and willingness to make changes in your life so that you and your family […]