3 Year Anniversary: Part 10

Just when I thought the evening was winding down, Heather tells me there is one more card for me to read. It was after 9pm, and I had been thinking about how cool it would be to end the day with a late night movie. Turns out, that’s exactly what she had planned! We headed back toward NRH for a late night showing of The Fountain, starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. The movie was great, though I’m still trying to figure it out. A lot of symbolism and mysticism involved. All in all, It was an excellent day. Heather […]

3 Year Anniversary: Part 9

After a good 2 hour nap, we groomed ourselves fastidiously for the next event. The next card was dessert at Old Hickory Steakhouse in Grapevine. Located inside The Gaylord Texan, this steakhouse is where Heather and I spent our 1 year anniversary. It was great to return 2 years later and enjoy amazing desserts and champagne. Their lemon cannelloni won the award for best dessert in DFW for 2004. Mmmmm…..

3 Year Anniversary: Part 8

We ate our favorite deli sandwiches – The Reuben – and headed home for a nap. The next card was postponed because of the weather. She had planned for her mom to meet us at a park in Southlake or Colleyville and take some photos of us. It was too cold and we were tired anyway, so we headed home for a nap.

3 Year Anniversary: Part 7

I opened my next card to discover that we were on our way to the movies!!!! We went to see Deja Vu, one of the films I’ve been wanting to see most for months! The movie was great, and it was time for the next card! The opened card gave me directions to eat on Grapevine Highway. I followed the directions, trying to figure out which place we were going to. Turns out they built a new McAllisters Deli by the Hometown Starbucks!!!! That deli has been our favorite up in Edmond, Oklahoma for almost a year. Heather rocks!

3 Year Anniversary: Part 4

The party isn’t quite as exciting when she asks me to do a fashion show with all the shirts I tried on. I missed an opportunity for some fabulous poses. I’ve removed the pics because I hate the way they look. We went back and forth from the men’s department to the women’s and back to the dressing room. Do any other guys find it slightly insulting that men get a tiny little portion of the store and women’s clothing takes up a warehouse?