• This Week’s Idiots and Champs

    I can’t help but write about today’s current events there are so many interesting and juicy topics in the mainstream media circle, so let’s get started. First, the Idiots: O.J Simpson There is really nothing I can say about O.J. Does anybody really care? Apparently, he is all over the news with alleged armed robbery […]

  • The Little Ball of Hate is My Biggest Fan

    It would appear that Jennifer Engle, a.k.a. The Little Ball of Hate, is my biggest fan. I can’t imagine that there are that many people out there who listen to her morning talk show on 103.3 fm ESPN who then feel the need to search for her on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or AOL. Yet somehow […]

  • Dale Hansen vs Randy Galloway

    Is there any doubt that Dale Hansen is the most annoying sports columnist in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex? There can be no doubt that he dwells on a level of suck all his own. Once upon a time, there was a radio guy named Randy Galloway who really got on people’s nerves. He […]