• My Intermittent Fasting Story

    It’s Day 1… 10:15am. Intermittent fasting has begun. I’ve literally been awake for two hours, and my stomach is growling more than I can recall in recent months. I feel nervous, as if I might explode before the day is done. Drinking so much coffee has me feeling bloated. I may need a couple extra […]

  • Obesity Isn’t What We Thought, And That Changes Everything

    I’m so excited about a book coming out by Dr. Alan Christianson. He has performed studies on obesity and concluded that unlike EVERYTHING we’ve been told, obsetiy is not an issue of character or laziness. It’s an issue of adrenal health and what your adrenals tell the rest of your body.

  • Coffee: The Greatest Addiction EVER

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTVE5iPMKLg] What does this say about me? Being a participant in the crunchy movement (whether by association or choice no longer matters), I’ve agreed with many statements that say “Ingredient X is bad for your health because it has been used to kill rodents/roaches/alien babies. Therefore, whatever is used to kill other forms of life […]

  • Why I Care So Much About Health

    Day 9 of 30 It’s easy to be lazy, eat whatever’s convenient, and waste my life away watching tv. But each action leads to a habit, which forges a lifestyle. [blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/JohnPaulJackson/statuses/92267467870699520″]

  • A Personal Health Experiment: Life Without Corn or Grains

    Mister Sensitive More than the average person, I seem to be sensitive to the foods, smells, and chemicals around me. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of mood instability due to undiagnosed chemical reactions to ingredients in my meals and beverages. It turns out that the ingredients I “love” the most are the ones […]

  • The “Turn the Wifi Off at Night” Challenge

    Okay, for all of you who insist that there’s nothing to the claims that wifi and cellphone signals are hazardous to your health, I challenge you to a dare.

  • How Do You Survive a Sick Day?

    I’m sitting at home, trying not to touch my computer. But I have a two-year-old running around the house yelling. Sleep isn’t much of an option. I’m resting comfortably, but without sleep I need to occupy my thoughts with something. What do YOU do when you take a sick day? Watch tv? Sleep? Read a book? […]

  • Day 101: Yoga and VFF Classics… Not So Much

    You read it right: I’ve completed my third yoga practice since last week, and I’m here to tell you it’s the hardest physical exercise I’ve ever encountered. I was fairly confident that my FiveFingers Classics would excel in yoga forms and stretches, but not so. No matter how I tightened my VFFs, my heels kept […]

  • CNN Video: Why Barefoot Running is Better

    Check out this video from CNN. The guy they’re interviewing gives some historical background as to how and why he transitioned from traditional running shoes to barefoot. He wrote the book, Born to Run. He also shares some explanations of why barefoot running is better for your body. My favorite quote from the video: “The foot is […]

  • Day 78: Wearing Regular (GASP) Shoes Today

    Last night was a crazy severe thunderstorm in my neck of the metroplex. Rather than face the world with soggy feet and a bitter heart (the inevitable result of cold, soggy feet), I chose to rebel! That’s right, I wore REGULAR shoes! Wow. How exciting. I’m a regular extreme sports spontaneous kind of guy. Who doesn’t […]