• Changes are Coming

    CultureFeast.com is in the midst of change… again. While I have been the primary contributer, we've had guest bloggers on occasion covering various topics. Guest posts will continue, and you'll still hear from me every week. In addition to more of the same, I've invited some bloggers to join the team to contribute weekly. The […]

  • Commenters, Show Me Your Face!

    For those of you who find the time to comment occasionally (no pressure, just do it more often) to the posts here on CultureFeast, it's time you got some facial recognition. We've added Gravatar recognition to comments so we can see your shiny mug each time you share your thoughts.  How does it work? It's […]

  • Recent CultureFeast Theme Changes

    As part of our identity crisis, CultureFeast has changed themes a second time. In our continual pursuit for heightened self-awareness and personal branding, blah blah blah. So really, I just decided it was time for a new look. I probably visit this site far more than anyone else, so the look and feel gets old […]

  • A Reprimand of Self: Don’t Be a Common Blogger

    I found myself enjoying (for lack of a better term) an existential crisis in terms of my CultureFeast identity. For so long, I focused on the Google Analytics, and constantly looked for blog topics that would draw in search visitors. But I don’t need to rank for Randy Galloway’s name or discuss the latest web […]

  • CultureFeast Traffic Update

    Here are a few numbers for this website for April 21 – May 21, 2007: 8,842 unique visits 12,161 pageviews 1.38 pages per visit 8,167 visitors from search engines 471 visitors from direct URL entry 204 visitors from referring sites Traffic is up yet again. Good news. The only thing that’s not so great is […]

  • Daniel Dessinger Provides a CultureFeast Traffic Update

    For those of you looking at CultureFeast, wondering, How much traffic does this site really get? What kind of ROI can I expect from advertising on this blog? Whether you’re interested in advertising or not, here’s the skinny: Traffic is way up. The site saw 3,766 visitors and 5,505 page views in the past 18 […]

  • Getting Raw on Purpose

    Yesterday’s post gave me reason to pause and reflect on how I experienced some of the music I mentioned. I can remember the anger, the resentment, the sorrow, and the pain I continually stirred up with those songs. Those songs helped me to develop a false sense of strength, pride, and superiority. These feelings always […]

  • Want to Contribute Your Own Writing to CultureFeast?

    I’ve seen a decent enough of a rise in traffic over the past month to wonder whether or not these people are getting enough new content to keep them coming back. The truth is, I’m working hard to get into the groove at WebSwank and sometimes it’s hard to spend any extra time near the […]

  • My Excuse for Haphazard Writing

    It occurs to me that if you read, oh let’s say, ten of my posts in a row, you probably would wonder what the hell this blog is for. I wonder sometimes myself. It all started with MySpace – yes, the beast of the marketplace that will one day vanquish Google and take the title […]