Michael Cordova

Today I witnessed what a funeral service should be. I left that service celebrating the life of a wonderful man of God. We shared funny stories, touching memories, and a sense of honor for a man who faithfully humbled himself and served in any capacity needed. I hate funerals. I hate the dismal feelings. I […]

The Dark Side of Dramatic Testimonies

I grew up in a charismatic church – not Pentecostal nor Assemblies of God – but charismatic nonetheless. I remember sitting in my chair, listening to the elder who oversaw the missions department. He briefly shared his testimony – explaining the life he lived before accepting Christ and the life after. I heard of drugs, […]

Culture Clash: Thoughts on Stillness

is it a coincidence that the wisest people are always those who take advantage of stillness and quiet? when was the last time you met a sage that was “making things happen”? you don’t. of course, you could pull the old person trump card and claim that those wise people are also old people, and […]